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Wheels is a coming of age story about Max, a 19 year old from Brooklyn who wants to be a well known DJ. He has been the sole provider for his sick grandmother, DJing parties for Oscar, a neighborhood shark. Things shift when Max's brother Terry returns home after three years in prison, forcing Max to reconcile their relationship. Max gets close to Liza, the manager of a dance studio who inspires him with her work ethic and determination. Max finds himself at a crossroads between family obligation, the streets, and pursuing his dream.


Paul, a Brooklyn-based, film and television director is a graduate of the AFI Cinematography program. Paul quickly worked his way up from camera operator on MTV's The Real World to DP of America's Next Top Model. In 2006 Paul began shooting finales for Project Runway and was soon directing for the program, which led to his first Emmy nomination. He joined Bravo's hit Top Chef, directing seven seasons. In 2007 Paul wrote and directed The Tree, a short film that told the story of one man looking for shade on a treeless block in Brooklyn. Other credits include Ink Master, The Glee Project 2, Work of Art, Nailed it!, and most recently Making it! for NBC.

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